Priscilla McChristian  is  a  clinician and advocate  who  has  been associated  with  RiverStone Wellness Center  since  2017.  She currently provides therapy with individual clients, facilitates groups, and teaches  mindfulness  skills  to  RiverStone Wellness Center clients.  She is experienced with trauma-specific interventions and working  with  individuals  with  depression  and  anxiety. Priscilla is clinically  trained  in  evidence-based  therapy  protocols  such  as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
Priscilla obtained her MSW degree from the University of Arkansas (UA) Little Rock,  where  she  earned  membership  in  the  Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society. Her graduate school study concentration was in direct clinical practice.
Prior  to  becoming  a  clinician,  Priscilla  spent  16  years  working  in higher  education  helping  students  achieve  their  personal  and professional  goals  through  her  role  as  the Chief of Staff  to  the Chancellor at UA Little Rock. While at the university, she served for nine months as interim director of the Joel E. Anderson Institute on Race  and  Ethnicity.  Priscilla  also  helped  to  bring  the  Green Dot bystander  intervention  program  to UA Little Rock,  which  helps  to reduce power-based interpersonal violence in the community.  She worked  in  areas  of  higher  education  administration  at  Hendrix College and Washington University in St. Louis, as well.
A  long-time  advocate  for  women’s  rights  and  marginalized individuals, Priscilla worked for three years in the Washington, DC area with the Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF).  While at FMF, she worked in the areas of women’s clinic access, women in policing, campus activism, violence against women, and gender apartheid in Afghanistan.  Priscilla  continues  to  advocate  for  underserved individuals  and  survivors  of  violence  through  her  work  with RiverStone Wellness Center.
Priscilla enjoys spending time with her husband, playing the mandolin, writing  creative  non-fiction,  and  reading.  She  particularly  enjoys reading memoirs. Her self-care practices include listening to music, mindfulness, and exercise.

Priscilla McChristian, LMSW
Therapist / Mindfulness Coach