As  a  DBT  Intensively  Trained  therapist,  Nikki  Weatherly  seeks  to serve those who are struggling with complex issues. She specializes in treating  Borderline Personality Disorder  and  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,  including  chronic  suicidality.  Nikki  has  been  a  practicing psychotherapist for the past decade.
While  clinically  trained  in  several  evidence-based  treatments, Dialectical Behavior Therapy is Nikki's primary focus in treatment.  She helps her clients, through balancing acceptance and change, build a life they experience as worth living. Through individual therapy, she assists clients as they in track target behaviors and develop healthy ways of coping with life's daily problems. Group skills training offers helpful strategies to empower clients to make the changes they desire in  their  lives  by learning  to manage  painful  emotions and decrease conflict in relationships.
Nikki  is  dedicated  to  helping  people  recover  from  traumatic  life experiences and  regain or enhance  control  in  their  lives.  She also works with substance use, anxiety, depression and other challenges. Nikki is clinically trained in EMDR, Prolonged Exposure, Motivational Interviewing,  Cognitive Behavioral  Therapy  (CBT),  as  well. Mindfulness and exploring the mind-body connection are important aspects of her work and are incorporated into several of the therapies she utilizes.  
Nikki  appreciates spending  time outdoors  on the beautiful lakes and rivers of Arkansas. She is an avid reader and enjoys volunteering in her community,  especially  through  organizations that  serve  women  and children. 

Nikki Weatherly, LPC, EMDR II
DBT Intenstively Trained Therapist