Corinne  Sappington  is  a  full-time  psychotherapist  with RiverStone Wellness Center.   Corinne  treats  individuals  who  struggle  with  anxiety and depression.  She is clinically trained in Acceptance and  Commitment  Therapy,  Cognitive  Processing  Therapy,  Cognitive  Behavioral  Therapy,  and  other  helpful  therapeutic  approaches.

Taking  a  holistic  view  of  emotional  wellness,  Corinne understands the connection between mind and body health. She promotes a healthy lifestyle through self-care, mindfulness, and connection with one’s community.  Corinne incorporates the  teachings  of  Thich Nhat Hanh  into  her  practice  to  help others  find  peace  and  happiness  even  during  difficult  times.

Corinne  earned  her Masters of Social Work degree  from  the University of Arkansas Little Rock.  Her clinical internships were focused  on  the  areas  of  child/adolescent  mental  health  and adult  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Her  advanced  clinical practicum  included  training  and  providing  treatment  in  the outpatient  PTSD  program  at  the  Central  AR  Veterans Healthcare System.  Corinne has worked in the mental health field  in  central  Arkansas  for  the  past  12  years.

Corinne is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas.  She enjoys baking, being  in  nature,  and  spending  time  with  her  family.

Corinne Sappington, LCSW
​Clinical Social Worker